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ShotMatic Rim Reducing Training Aids

The ShotMatic R2 and R3 training aids reduce the rim size in order to promote shot accuracy and develop rebounding skills
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ShotMatic Rim Reducing Training Aids $76.99
ShotMatic R2 16 Inch Rim Reducer $69.99
ShotMatic R3 12 Inch Rim Reducer $79.99
Post-Up-Pole ShotMatic Applicator $199.99
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Meet The Shotmatic Rim Reducing Training Aids

ShotMatic R2 Rim Reducer
The ShotMatic R2 combines the proven benefits of a traditional rim reducer with a tool that promotes proper shooting form and optimal arc. Designed to improve shooting ability, scoring, and rebounding, the ShotMatic R2 reduces a standard rim diameter from 18 to 16 inches and raises it 1 inch. The benefits include:

With the ShotMatic R2 the benefits are endless. The more it's used the better the results.

ShotMatic R3 Rebound Trainer
The ShotMatic R3 reduces the standard rim from 18 to 12 inches. While developing precision shooting skill even further, the ShotMatic R3 will enhance rebounding skills, put backs, and post play. Additional benefits include:

Unlike other rebounding devices that prevent a shot from being scored, the ShotMatic R3 does allow the perfect shot to be made. As a result, your team or player can use the ShotMatic R3 to get more rebounding and post practice during every phase of your practice.

The Post-Up-Pole attaches and removes the ShotMatics in seconds - guaranteed! There are no ladders to bother with and no extra brackets or screws. You won't waste any of your valuable practice time.

The ShotMatic R2 and ShotMatic R3 with the Post-Up-Pole will provide all of your shooting, rebounding, and practice needs in seconds!