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Goal Light
Extend play into the night
Dual 500 watt halogen lamps light up your area to the three point line. The lamps are mounted over 16 feet above the playing area giving you a nice even light that will not shine in player's eyes or cast long shadows on the court. [patent pending]
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Backstop Net
Keep your ball in play
A custom fitted 10.5 foot wide netting system attaches to your pole and stakes into the ground keeping balls from going behind the system and rebounding them back into play. [patent pending]
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Air Fence
Portable boundary netting
Innovative air filled portable fence is strong and blows up in just seconds with included pump. It's 10' feet wide and 4' tall deterring children from chasing balls into the street or down hills. [patent pending]
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Easy Court Stencil
Driveway to basketball court
Pizza box style cardboard pieces lay down in the perfect configuration to create a high school key, jump circle and three-point line. Paint is included and innovative spray box ensures a crisp line without over spray.
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Lock your hoop at any height
Durable outdoor lock made out of stainless steel. It includes two keys and is specifically designed to work with the Pro Dunk adjustment mechanism. It's perfect to keep neighborhood kids from abusing your system or for institutional applications when you cannot keep an eye on your court.
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