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Pro Dunk Backstop Net

Backstop Net Overview Court lit up at night with the Goal Light Accessory Ready attachment to a Pro Dunk pole
A custom fitted 10.5 foot wide netting system attaches to your pole and stakes into the ground keeping balls from going behind the system and rebounding them back into play. Only works on in-ground adjustable Pro Dunk systems ordered after 9/1/2014. [patent pending]
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Pro Dunk Backstop Net Overview 1:35

Keep neighbors happy, players out of your flower bed and stop chasing balls

  • Keeps balls from rolling into the neighbor's yard
  • Protect flowers and shrubs from errant balls and from the players chasing after them
  • Stop chasing balls down the hill or into the woods. Allows you to get in more play time and increases practice efficency
  • Taught net is staked into the ground creating a rebounder. Not only will the Backstop Net stop balls, it'll rebound them back into play for you!
  • Fiberglass arms extend out 5' on each side of the main pole. Gives the net an elastic quality rebounding balls back into play and is durable enough to withstand game related hanging
  • Simply bolts onto predilled threaded holes on any Pro Dunk system ordered after 9/1/2014. Don't worry about clunkey "U" brackets that don't look good and damage the finish causing corrosion issues.
  • Custom fitted net is over 10.5 feet wide and 7 feet tall catching a vast majority of missed shots and errant passes.

Questions & Answers

How do I make sure my system is compatible with the Backstop Net?

If you ordered a Pro Dunk basketball system after 9/1/2014 you're good to go. You can also check your system to see if it has the threaded holes. At the top of the main pole on the back side you should see four black plugs. These are covering the threaded holes. If you see these your system is Accessory Ready and compatible with the Backstop Net

Can I remove the Backstop Net when we're not playing?

Yes. The fiberglass arms simply screw into the backet mounted into the Accessroy Ready holes allowing you to remove the net in about 10 minutes.

Can I use the Goal Light and Backstop Net together?


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