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Court Marking Stencil Kit

Everything included laid out including, paint, tape, plumb bob, stencil, goof-box and directions In progress court painting Using the goof box to prevent over-spray and sealing the edges for a crisp line Laying out the stencil in preparation for painting The end result, fully striped court
Pizza box style cardboard pieces lay down in the perfect configuration to create a high school key and three-point line. Paint is included and innovative spray box ensures a crisp line without over spray.
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Court Marking Stencil Kit Overview 1:12

Make the most of your area with our complete court marking stencil kit

Heavy pizza box style cardboard stencil with all of the supplies you need to easily turn your driveway or backyard hardscape into a high-school basketball court.


  • Cardboard stencil for high-school dimensions including the key, free-throw line and three-point line
  • Fill-in stencil allowing for solid lines
  • White concrete/asphalt paint with innovative up-side-down spray mechanism
  • "Goof Box" that seals edges for a crisp line and prevents over-spray when painting
  • 2" masking tape to hold everything in place
  • String and plumb bob to help make accurate measurements
  • Comprehensive easy-to follow directions

Questions & Answers

Does it do the boundary lines?

No but these can be easily taped off. The stencil helps with the harder curved lines and measurements.

Are the lines dashed or solid?

Solid. A fill-in stencil is provided to go over the dashed lines delivering a professional looking result.

What color are the lines?

The kit includes white paint but you're more than welcome to provide your own in any color.

How long does it take to do?

If it is your first time, it should take 2-3 hours. Easy to follow complete directions are included.

What level of play is this for?

High-school. It's also applicable for college with the exception of the men's three-point line which is out an extra foot.

Do I need anything other than what's included?

Unlike other stencils everything you need is included ... paint, plumb bob, tape and obviously the stencil.

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