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Pro Dunk Easy Court Stencil

Easy Court Stencil Overview Court lit up at night with the Goal Light Accessory Ready attachment to a Pro Dunk pole Accessory Ready attachment to a Pro Dunk pole Accessory Ready attachment to a Pro Dunk pole
Pizza box style cardboard pieces lay down in the perfect configuration to create a high school key, jump circle and three-point line. Paint is included and innovative spray box ensures a crisp line without over spray.
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Pro Dunk Easy Court Stencil Overview 1:12

Turn your driveway or backyard slab into a basketball court with this D-I-Y stencil kit

  • Made of pizza box style cardboard, not paper that eaisly rips with the slightest breeze
  • Regulation striping for high-school dimensions
  • Includes jump circle, key, free-throw line and three-point line
  • Includes concrete/asphalt paint with inovative up-side-down spray mechanism
  • Includes "goof box" that seals edges for a crisp line and prevents over-spray when painting
  • Comprehensive easy-to follow directions included
  • Paint color white

Questions & Answers

Does it do the boundary lines?

No but these can be easily taped off. The stencil helps with the harder curved lines and measurements.

Are the lines dashed or solid?

Dashed, but only small breaks that are relatively infrequent thanks to the stiffness of the cardboard (versus paper alternatives)

What color are the lines?

The kit includes white paint

How long does it take to do?

If it is your first time, it should take 2-3 hours. Easy to follow complete directions are included.

What level of play is this for?

High-school. It's also applicable for college with the extection of the men's three-point line which is supposed to be out an extra foot.

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