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Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System

Silver Overview Diagram showing pier placement in relation to your playing area Competition grade break-away rim Height adjustment mechanism including actuator and lift-assist Ground anchor system including J-bolts, rebar and template Backyard court knicks Backyard court, backside view Competitive player dunking and hanging Full court baskyard court Side view Small children playing lowered Competitive player practicing, typical driveay installation Typical driveway installation, side view Typical driveway installation Typical driveway installation Kids playing on striped court / driveway
Heavy-duty adjustable system perfect for families with a one to two car driveway looking for better performance than store brands. 1/2" thick glass, one-piece 5ga thick 5" square pole and competition grade break-awy rim. Effortlessly adjusted down to 5' and carries a lifetime warranty covering dunking and hanging.
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The Driveway Hoop Perfected
A professional grade basketball goal at box store prices. Featuring effortless adjustment down to 5 feet, highest rigidity index of any 54 inch model on the market and 1467 customer reviews averaging 4.89 stars.

Highest Rated 54" Model

We’ve collected 1467 reviews on Silver from verified customers. The average rating is 4.89 out of 5 stars. We also encourage you to go off-site to places like Amazon, Google and the BBB for third-party reviews. The feedback we receive from customers is an important part of what we do allowing us to continuously improve our basketball goals.

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"I believe when comparing the cost verses quality factors, the Pro Dunk basketball goal system meets both needs"
I would recommend this to a friend
Pastor Eddie DeFuniak Springs, FL
"Fantastic performance and extremely stable. Everyday since installing the goal, I come home to find a pick up game involving my son and the neighborhood kids"
I would recommend this to a friend
Woodrow Huntsville, AL

Adjusts Easier & Lower Than Store Brands

A powerful dual spring lift-assist cannister neutralizes the weight of the backboard allowing a 6-year-old to adjust the hoop down to 5 feet, lower than any store brand. Perfect for young children!

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Best Performing 54" Model Available

Silver boasts the highest rigidity rating of any 54 inch model available. A 1/2" inch thick tempered glass backboard, over-sized 5" x 5" pole and competition grade break-away rim deliver gym quality play like never before.

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Manufacturer Direct Business Model

We sell Silver manufacturer direct instead of through resellers like Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods® and local playground companies. By cutting out the reseller middle man you save 30%. This allows Silver to be competitively priced while boasting 75% more glass and steel!

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Family Owned & Operated For 38 Years

Pro Dunk Hoops is based in Tomball, TX and was started in 1984 when Keith Tate began manufacturing some of the first heavy-duty driveway basketball goals from oil-field pipe in his neighborhood garage. Although larger today, Pro Dunk Hoops still takes pride in creating the world's most heavy-duty basketball goals.

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Pro Dunk Hoops Headquarters 2022 Tomball, TX
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