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72" Basketball Goals

Basketball goals with a 72 inch backboard are regulation, perfect for competitive players looking to practice at home just like they play in the gymnasium.

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Diamond vs Platinum

In both fixed and adjustable the key difference between the Diamond and Platinum is extension arm length. You go from 4' on the Platinum to 5' on the Diamond. This extra foot is beneficial if you have a deep playing area as it gives players more room underneath the basket to run in for layups and box out for rebounds without stepping off the playing surfance or running into the pole. It also allows for a true regulation baseline which is supposed to be 4' behind the backboard. We usually recommend the Diamond for backyard courts, schools, parks and playgrounds. The Platinum system is recommended for larger 3+ car driveways. Both systems will cater to competitive players delivering gymansium quality play.

1/2" Thick Tempered Glass, A True Regulation 72" Basketball Goal

Both Pro Dunk and Hercules basketball goals use 1/2" thikck tempered glass which is regulation material and thickness. Many other brands will use an alternative material like acrylic or polycarbonate or a thinner glass (usually 3/8" thick). All of these alternatives will not deliver gym quality performance.

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