Installation Tip Tuesday: Backboard Placement For Easy Mounting
Author Ryan Tate
Posted June 26, 2012 in category

One key advantage of Pro Dunk is how low it can adjust. This is great for two reasons…

  1. Young competitors can get a head start on the competition by practicing form instead of heaving the ball up to a rim that is too high.
  2. Allows you to do the installation from a standing position.  No ladders are necessary!

Today’s tip concerns the lader.   There are three things you can do to help yourself when mounting the backboard…

  1. Back-side up: When getting ready to unbox the backboard, make sure the “H” bracket is facing up.  The “H” bracket is the powder-coated piece of steel running vertically on the board with two tubes welded onto it.  Also, have the bottom of the backboard closest to the goal.  You can identify the bottom by looking for the backboard padding which is pre-installed for you around edge of the bottom side.  The idea here is to ensure that once you lift the backboard, there is no shuffling around, changing hands or turning in circles.
  2. Lift height: Stand next to the extension arm when you have it lowered down as far as it will go.  Look at where it falls on your body so you can make sure to lift the board high enough.  This ensures you will position your hands correctly the first time and eliminates unnecessary movement of your hands while holding the backboard.
  3. Choose a spot: The bottom edge of the backboard should be placed about a foot more than the overhang distance for your model from the pole.  For example, if you are installing the Gold model, which has a 4 foot overhang, you will want to place the backboard so the bottom edge is 5 feet from the pole.  If you know this going in, you will not have to move the backboard before mounting or carry it a long distance.

The backboard is heavy which is what you want in a premium basketball goal.  It also means you don’t want to be carrying it around any longer than you have to.  I hope these tips will help you coordinate a smooth backboard mounting.  I love to hear comments from readers so post your tips and or questions below!

Bonus tip:  Have 3 able-bodied people for this part of the installation process.  Carry the backboard parallel to the ground (like a table) with one person on either side of the board.  Have the third person put the bolt through that attaches the “H” bracket to the main extension arm.  At this point the pole and extension arm are doing most of the work.  Pivot the board up and pop the bolt in the attaches the “H” bracket to the upper parallel linkages.  This method is far superior to carrying the board such that it is perpendicular to the ground.  Watch a video of this method (5 minute mark).



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