Basketball 10 And Under Initiative
Author Ryan Tate
Posted July 24, 2012 in category

I had a customer call in a few weeks ago that ordered several of our Hercules fixed-height basketball systems for his private school.  The school was renovating their playground and wanted to replace 4 old basketball goals with some new ones.  This was all standard fare until he started to explain what the set-up was going to be like.  It was like no other basketball court I had heard of or seen before.

He explained that the children using the school’s playground varied in age from about 4 years old all the way up to 10 which is pretty typical for grade school.  The odd part was that he was converting 2 courts with 4 basketball goals into 8 courts with 16 basketball goals.

“Wow … what’s the idea?” I asked.  He went on to tell me about how he’s going to set the basketball systems at several different heights suited for the children’s skill level.  Each court would also be much smaller.  He explained the befinites to me…

  1. More basketball goals per child –  With more goals, each child will get much more time to play instead of watching others.
  2. More fun at age appropriate heights – Instead of heaving the ball up to a regulation hoop like before, children can begin practicing technique and more importantly, have fun.

This second point was the real motivator for this customer.  He explained that he was avid tennis player and had inspiration for this idea from a new initiative that the USTA has begun call “Tennis 10 And Under.”  You can learn more about it by watching their video here.  Apparently tennis is dying and this program was put into place to get children interested again by making it fun.

I think it’s a great idea and one that basketball should embrace as well.  If you have a grade school and are redoing your playground basketball courts, I think this is a great layout option.  He promised to send pictures once everything is in place so I will be updating this post as soon as I receive them.  What positives and negatives do you see with this type of basketball court layout?





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