Basketball + Artificial Intelligence = Expert Recommendation Wizard
Author Ryan Tate
Posted February 14, 2010 in category

Expert Basketball Goal Recommendation Wizard

Ok, so it’s not really artificial intelligence but the new and improved Expert Recommendation Wizard is pretty cool.

We talk with customers every day.  We also have extensive experience in designing and installing basketball goals in a variety of scenarios.   As a result, we can usually narrow a customer’s search down to only a few basketball goals after mere seconds on the phone.  We wanted to take that same accurate, fast recommendation and make it conveniently available to everybody at any time.  We took some pointed questions and threw a little logic at it and came up with the Expert Recommendation Wizard you see today.  In as little as 2 question we can narrow your search down to two basketball goals with a great explanation.

We hope this tool will make user’s search for the perfect basketball system easier.  Try it for yourself and let us know if it helped you!



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