some customer reviews concerning the speed of adjustment on Pro Dunk basketball systems.

Specifically, I talk about the trade-off that must be made between speed and ease of adjustment. I believe our engineers have found a great balance between the two. It takes less than 60 seconds to go from the lowest height to regulation while being easy enough for a 6-year-old child to adjust.

A few side notes...

  1. The Pro Dunk Platinum and Diamond have always had what we call a side crank meaning that you turn the handle perpendicular to the ground. The Gold and Silver handles would turn parallel to the ground. This was a simpler less efficient mechanism and was like this to reduce costs. Recently we upgrade all actuators to the higher-end side crank making adjustment 50% easier on the Gold and Silver models. Compare all adjustable basketball goal models
  2. The adjustment mechanism on Pro Dunk systems is mounted low. What's the point in making easy to adjust if children can't even reach it, right? Many systems are not like this so take measurements before buying.
  3. In addition to the actuator which is talked about in detail here, all Pro Dunk basketball goals also have a lift-assist. This mechanism pulls on the extension arm neutralizing the weight of the backboard making it extremely easy to adjust. Most basketball systems do not have this making them much more difficult to raise.

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