Basketball Goal Calibration
Author Ryan Tate
Posted July 31, 2012 in category

Pro Dunk adjustable basketball goals have several features that allow you to calibrate it for your basketball court, even after the concrete has cured. In this blog post I’ll go over each of these features explaining how they make installation easier and more accurate.

One of the most frequent concerns I hear about when talking with customers about installation is levelness. It seems like everybody thinks you have to get the pole perfectly level from the start. This is understandable seeing as many people still think about about basketball systems from years ago that used a method called direct burial. This is where the main basketball pole is sunk directly into the concrete. You would have to use shims, scaffolding or guide wires to keep the pole perfectly level while waiting for the concrete to cure. Inevitably, it would shift left, right, forwards or backwards causing the basketball goal to be crooked.

Pro Dunk systems use a J-bold system that allows for leveling even after the concrete has cured. The flanged base of the main pole is sandwiched between a set of nuts on top and bottom. By tightening and loosening these nuts you can level the system in all four directions.

Note: As a big bonus, it also allows you to take your basketball goal with you when you move. Simply install a new set of J-bolts at your new home, unbolt the basketball goal and move it over.

Squaring the basketball goal to your playing area is crucial and not something that a lot of people think about before installing.  All of the best basketball systems use a square or rectangular pole which makes getting everything square extremely important.  Luckily, Pro Dunk basketball goals have a feature to help.  The holes in the base of the basketball goal are slotted allowing you to twist the pole even after the concrete has cured.

Getting the basketball goal to be right at 10 feet is a big concern of customers as well.  There should be no cause for panic though.  Pro Dunk basketball goals are calibrated after everything has been installed.  You do not have to set the pole in the concrete at a specific height!  There is a simple three step process to do this…

  1. Have one person hang a tape measure on the front of the rim.  Have the second person adjust the basketball system until it is exactly 10 feet from the playing surface.
  2. Make a pencil mark on the spring-assist cartridge at the bottom of the rim-height indicator
  3. Stick the sticker onto the spring assist cartridge so that the pencil mark lines up with the 10′ mark on the sticker.

Tip: Watch the basketball goal installation video at the 6:15 mark to see this in action

Note: Do not install the basketball goal so that the flanged base of the main pole is too far below the playing surface.  The basketball goal will not adjust much above 10 feet.  If you install more than a few inches below the playing surface, the basketball goal may not reach 10 feet.

Tip: Make custom marks on the sticker for different areas on the basketball court.  For example, if there is a slope on your driveway that makes your left-wing jumpers off, take a magic marker and put a custom line on the sticker so you can practice at the correct height.

These features were developed with years of installation experience and tons of customer feedback.  What other features might help make the installation process smoother and more more accurate?



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