Reviews: Basketball Goal Packing Upgrades
Author Ryan Tate
Posted July 27, 2012 in category

This short video addresses a specific packing detail gleaned from a customer review we received a few months ago.

Pro Dunk Hoops was the first major manufacturer to begin selling direct to customers nation-wide. One of the largest challenges at first was getting the basketball goal to the customer undamaged. Fast forward 7 years and the difference in our capabilities is night and day. We’ve worked closely with our engineers and the carriers that deliver our basketball goals to create a solution with very few issues.

This video is not meant to highlight this specific packing detail. It is really meant to demonstrate the care and attention to detail we take with each basketball system that we ship. I also love that this improvement was made in direct response to customer feedback.

Video Captions

00:14 to 00:18 Welcome basketball fans this is Mr. Basketball and today we’re going to read a review from
00:18 to 00:23 a customer in Plainfield, IL about the packing of our systems.
00:23 to 00:29 The packaging of the adjusting cylinder was included in the same box as the rod-iron stakes.
00:29 to 00:31 This resulted in damage to the paint finish.
00:31 to 00:36 Well, I’m happy to say we have fixed this problem. We are now packing the rebar which
00:36 to 00:42 is what he is referring to in its own package and it won’t be damaging the adjusting cylinder
00:42 to 00:46 or the padding which we were also having issues with.
00:46 to 00:50 Packaging may not seem like a big deal but it is something that we take very seriously
00:50 to 00:51 around here.
00:51 to 00:54 We don’t like to send out equipment that is damaged.
00:54 to 01:00 So, this is a great upgrade for us all thanks to reviews we have received. So, keep them
01:00 to 01:01 coming.
01:01 to 01:08 If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comments section below.



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