Basketball Goal Pier Hardware Order
Author Ryan Tate
Posted December 5, 2011 in category
Hi, how can I help you?
The anchor kit came with a package of nuts, washers, & lock washers. Where do they all go?
I know one nut goes under the plate and one on top of the anchor plate – then one on top of the vertical post – where do the rest go?
You should have 12 nuts total. The washers should go either side of the flanged base on the main pole
Please refer to diagram A.2 in the installation instructions for your model. If you have the Diamond model you will have 18 nuts.
If you have your order number I can look up which model you have.
My manual doesn’t have an A2 diagram – I have the diamond

You are right. The Diamond is a bit different all around. It will go like this…

  1. regular hex nut
  2. pier template
  3. regular hex nut
  4. washer
  5. flanged base of the main pole
  6. washer
  7. hex nut with the built in washer
what about the lock washers and the hex nuts I have don’t have a built in washer…
When you say ‘built in washer’ is that where the lock washer goes? So, nut, template, nut, washer, base, washer, lock washer, nut?
Discard the lock washers. The washer on top will take the place of the built in washer on the top hex nut.
You have it but do not use the lock washer.
I am sorry for the confusion. The pier kits vary in the included hardware sometimes.
It is always more than you need.
okay thanks
You’re sure – no lock washer needed? It won’t loosen up over time?
I am positive. We have installed thousands and thousands of these system over the last 28 years with no problems.
Now I just need to find some strong guys to lift that pole for me
Thanks for your help
No problem. Let us know if you run into any other installation questions.



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