Basketball Goal Quantity Discount and Pole Placement
Author Ryan Tate
Posted December 5, 2011 in category
is there a discount on your hoops if you buy more than one?
does the concrete mounting bracket come with the kit?
Yes, we have a quantity discount at 4 or more systems.
Yes, everything you need for installation comes with the system but the concrete itself.
i only need 2 anything for that?
how far behind the concrete slab should the pole sit?
No, I am sorry. The quantity discount is not large anyways. We just pass along what we save on shipping which is not much.
Which model are you looking at?
If you have a good sized playing are, we recommend you install the pole as close to the playing area as possible to take full advantage of the basketball goal overhang.

This way player do not have to worry about stepping off the playing surface when running in for lay-ups or boxing out for rebounds.
For the Pro Dunk® Gold, with a 4 foot overhang, I would recommend installing it as close as possible.
yes the area is 60 long by 50 ft wide
not now i found your youtube video on installing. watching now thank you.
No problem. If you have any questions, let me know.



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