customer feedback that we received via product reviews.

Specifically, three stability concerns were trending in the reviews customers left about our adjustable Pro Dunk basketball goals...

  1. A bouncing motion while adjusting the height of the basketball goal
  2. Shake or movement of the basketball system when contacted by the ball or player (dunking)
  3. Inefficient placement of the gusseted support at the base of the basketball pole

We addressed all three of these concerns with two very big improvements...

  1. Increased pole size The Diamond now has the largest pole on the market boasting the highest Rigidity Index™ of any basketball goal available. Actually, with these upgrades, every one of our Pro Dunk systems has best-in-class Rigidity Index™ scores making Pro Dunk the highest performing basketball hoops available! This was a huge upgrade for us and we're seeing great feedback from customers on this.
  2. Doubled gusset support. Instead of using just 4 gussets at the base of our system in a (X) pattern we are now using 8 which increases rigidity of the basketball system even further. We now use a hash (#) pattern which has proven to be quite effective for us.

In summary, the bouncing has been eliminated, rebound response is better than ever and we have an extremely effective gusset support system at the base all thanks to customer reviews.

As a side note, I'd like to mention another contributing factor to the elimination of the bouncing mentioned in reviews. We upgraded the adjustment mechanism on the Silver model which is where we were seeing the concerns in reviews. You can learn a little more about this upgrade in this blog post about adjustment speed.

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