I want to buy a basketball goal for my kids. What’s the best basketball hoop for sale that’ll benefit my children now and in the future?
Author Ryan Tate
Posted March 26, 2013 in category

Pro Dunk Gold Height-Adjustable Basketball GoalThe answer is simple at first blush. You want a high-quality, height-adjustable basketball system.

Oversimplified? Maybe. You might be asking yourself, “Okay, what makes a basketball system high-quality?” or “Height-adjustable, that sounds complex are there different types?” You’ve probably got some other good questions too. Don’t worry, this article will answer all your questions before buying. There is even a “Basketball Expert” certificate you can print, frame and mount above your mantle upon completion. Okay, just kidding … or am I?

There are three types of players as it relates to buying a basketball goal in my opinion. Each type has different needs. I’ve broken them down below.

  1. Young

    If you have young players, you’ll want a basketball goal that adjusts easily down 5 or 6 feet. By going so low they’ll begin to work on technique quickly and have more fun because they will not have to heave the ball up so high.

    Ease of adjustment is hard to determine without actually trying the basketball goal but one feature to look for is a mechanism to assist in lifting. This will usually be springs or a hydraulic shock of some sort. Also, make sure the adjustment handle is mounted low enough for your children to adjust themselves.

    Note: Your young child may turn into a competitive player in the future. Take a look at the section below if you want to future proof the basketball goal.

  2. Competitive

    You’ll really want to get two things out of your system for competitive players. The first is durability. Look for a basketball goal that has a good warranty and is heavy. Anything that is over 400 pounds and is warranted for dunking and hanging should suffice. The next is performance. You’ll want to emulate the gym playing experience as closely as possible. To do this, ensure you have a tempered glass backboard and heavy-weight break-away rim (30+ pounds).

  3. Just-for fun

    For these players, you just want something that’ll last and look good. Look for corrosion protection such as zinc plated or stainless hardware as well as a good lifetime warranty that doesn’t exclude too many things. Also, get a glass backboard as alternatives such as acrylic do not weather well becoming an eyesore over time.

Okay, so maybe you’re not an expert now but you can surely narrow the options making a final selection much easier. I encourage you to check out our selection of outdoor basketball systems for sale which are great for all three of these types of players. We have tons of information to help you choose exactly the right model for your players and playing area.



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