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A blast from the past! In this category you’ll find all of our archived blog posts from years past. Most of the posts are news items that were published between May of 2005 and September 2010. Topics include everything from the introduction of new basketball goals to website additions like the basketball system wizard. It’s a great way to piece together a timeline of the progress we have made over the years here at Pro Dunk Hoops. I hope you enjoy and are able to find some great nuggets of information that will help you find a great basketball goal for your home basketball court.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from over the years as a kind of “best of” episode…

NEW: Outdoor Basketball Court Surfacing Calculator
Back in 2009 we started re-selling Flex Court basketball court surfacing. It ended up not working in the long-run but this tool was really cool. It let you determine price tile by tile and actually order right online without having to talk to a person. Although more complex than what other court surfacing companies had at the time, it allowed users full control of every variable required to place an order on what was usually considered to be a custom ordering process. We still try to do this today by giving our website’s users all the tools and information they need to make informed buying decisions.

Pro Dunk Basketball Goal Installation Video
The introduction of this video was a huge success. Our customers loved having visuals before and after purchasing. You can glean so much from a video that it has really become the best D-I-Y tool we have.

Product Reviews Added: Make an Educated Buying Decision
By adding customer reviews of our basketball goals I feel like we have democratized the selling process. Customers feel more comfortable hearing unbiased opinions from past customers than anybody else. These are people that they can relate to. In my opinion, this has been the best addition to our the website. Period.

Corrosion, Rust – Not a Problem: New feature Alert!
This post is announcing the Rust Armor package. It has been four and half years as I write this since that time and we have had virtually no issues with corrosion. I believe this is one of the single biggest improvements we have ever made to our basketball goals.

Installer Network 18 Strong and Growing
This initiative has been incredibly beneficial for all three parties involved. First, we receive valuable feedback from installers around the nation which helps us to improve our product. Secondly, the installer receives leads free-of-charge enabling them to make more and charge our customers less. Lastly, our customers gain access to a vetted list of professionals they can tap to have their basketball goal professionally installed.

1/2 Tempered Glass Is Here!
This ranks right up there in my book of product improvements. With this upgrade to our basketball goals, it allowed customers to truly bring the gymnasium home. This has been extremely successful prompting other manufactures to follow.

Lifetime Warranty
In 2007 we upgraded our warranty to be a bumper-to-bumper lifetime warranty. This was a controversial move as it catapulted Pro Dunk Hoops ahead of other manufacturers that had much more restricted warranties. Still today we boast one of the best warranties on the market!

Diamond Available For Pre-Order
Ahh, the Pro Dunk Diamond. It is truly in a class of its own. It was true then and it is true today boasting the biggest pole on the market. This was a risky move at the time as it was the biggest system of its kind and unproven. It has found a home among those looking for the best and especially those looking to add basketball goals to dedicated playing areas. This was a great addition to the Pro Dunk line and one that will surely live on.

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Rice University Basketball Camps
Author Ryan Tate
Posted on June 21, 2013 in category Archived News

Pro Dunk Hoops has proudly sponsored Coach Ben Braun and the Rice Basketball Camps for over 17 years.

Ben Braun Basketball Camps on the campus of Rice University are dedicated to providing basketball camps that are both instructional and informative along with creating a great atmosphere to learn!

The coaching staff here at Rice University prides itself on teaching the game of basketball to players of all ages and ability levels. All camps are taught by our coaching staff and players. The mechanics and drills that are taught at our camps are used with our college players. We are determined to provide the best possible learning experience for our campers.


More information available here.

Attending the Annual United Assemblers Round Table
Author Ryan Tate
Posted on April 4, 2013 in category Archived News

United Assemblers LogoI’m excited to head out to Columbus tomorrow for the annual United Assemblers Round Table where assembly professionals, product manufactures, dealers and more congregate to discuss everything from installation techniques to business tips.  I’m looking forward to meeting some of the professionals I deal with on a weekly basis but have never met in person including Kenny at Reliant, Paul Bryant at PDQScott Jennings at Fittech and William Field at CJ’s.  I also look forward to meeting new techs to help bolster our basketball goal installation coverage nation-wide. (more…)

Over 50 New Locations Nationwide
Author Ryan Tate
Posted on January 18, 2013 in category Archived News


Over the winter, Pro Dunk Hoops teamed up with over 50 installers throughout the United States. By creating this new network we are able to offer our customers unmatched customer service. The installers we have partnered with are trusted and well respected professionals who go to great lengths to get the job right each time. This eliminates the process of searching for someone to install your Pro Dunk goal for you or having to tackle the project yourself. We have locations in nearly every state in the US, covering all the major cities and major metropolitan areas.

By expanding our locations we’ve created a turn-key delivery and installation solution in your area. We have a trusted team of installers who know our product and have remained at the top of their customers referral lists.

Check out our new locations and give us a call today.

Back-To-School Instant Discounts
Author Ryan Tate
Posted on September 8, 2010 in category Archived News

Back-To-School Instant Discounts Logo

Practice at home with one of our gym-quality Pro Dunk basketball systems and get an edge on the competition this year.

Take advantage of $1,354 in back-to-school instant discounts on our Pro Dunk (in-ground, adjustable) basketball goal systems. Save big by taking more than $400.00 off the Gold model which was ranked the #1 driveway basketball goal system ‘07, ‘08, ‘09 and ‘10 “Hoop of the Year.”

Also, look for exclusive social media promotions on our Facebook page.

From everybody here at Pro Dunk Hoops, we wish you a wonderful new school year!

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