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The audience for this category is a bit blurred. Much of it is aimed at professional installers with content such as helpful business tips, advanced installation techniques, etc. Many other posts including tips and tricks targeting D-I-Y installers as well as professionals. In short, if you’re looking for basketball goal installation information, this is the spot.

3 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Driveway Basketball Court
Author Ryan Tate
Posted on June 29, 2012 in category Installation Tips

Sometimes you can look at a driveway and it is obvious where the basketball goal should go.  Other times there are multiple options or you have to make trade-offs due to constraints like utility lines, trees, windows and neighbors.

In this post I’ll attempt to cover the best method for determining your driveway basketball court layout and common pitfalls to look out for when choosing a location for your new outdoor basketball goal.


Laying out your driveway basketball court

  1. Print out court dimensions (These are high school court dimensions, the most popular)
  2. Create a diagram of your playing area to scale with the court dimension diagram.  Add three things to it…
    1. Playing area dimensions
    2. Utilities – Call 811 to have them marked if you do not know where they are
    3. Easement and property lines
  3. Cut out the void spots in the court dimension diagram so you can overlay it on top of the playing area diagram you made.  Move it around until you find the position that’s best for your area.


Choosing the right basketball goal


The Modern Basketball Assembly Professional
Author Ryan Tate
Posted on June 27, 2012 in category Installation Tips

As a professional basketball goal installer, when somebody asks you what tools you use, a post hole digger, wrench, level, etc. come to mind.  In this post I’m going to delve into some of the hottest technological tools you can leverage to make yourself more efficient.

Google Voice

This is a service provided by Google that acts like your own personal operator.  It is beneficial for those installers that have a business land-line at home and a cell phone to conduct business on the road.  Google will give you a new phone number to rule them all.  Incoming calls will be routed to your land-line or cell phone based on your preferences.  You can also set it to “do not disturb” and take advantage of visual voice mail so you don’t have to listen through all of your messages.  This is all done through a web-based interface or through an app for your smart-phone.  Don’t make customers call 3 different numbers to find you, get Google Voice!


Installation Tip Tuesday: Backboard Placement For Easy Mounting
Author Ryan Tate
Posted on June 26, 2012 in category Installation Tips

One key advantage of Pro Dunk is how low it can adjust. This is great for two reasons…

  1. Young competitors can get a head start on the competition by practicing form instead of heaving the ball up to a rim that is too high.
  2. Allows you to do the installation from a standing position.  No ladders are necessary!

Today’s tip concerns the lader.   There are three things you can do to help yourself when mounting the backboard…


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