Corrosion, Rust – Not a Problem: New feature Alert!
Author Ryan Tate
Posted January 2, 2008 in category

We are always trying to improve our basketball equipment.  In recent history we have improved the Pro Dunk basketball goal with the following features.

  • Increased glass thickness to a full ½ inch
  • Preassembled the backboard (padding, H-bracket)
  • Replaced regular steel fasteners with stainless steel fasteners
  • Extended the warranty to a lifetime

We are not stopping there!  We will be galvanizing the whole system (shipping mid-spring).  This will effectively eliminate any corrosion of the system’s steel and ensure the goal will never weaken and always remain looking great.

The galvanization (learn about galvanizing), durable powder coat (read about powder coating), stainless steel fasteners (compare stainless bolts to regular steel bolts), and solid aluminum backboard frame truly make this one of the most resilient basketball goals available.



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