DIY Install
Author Ryan Tate
Posted May 24, 2013 in category

A Pro Dunk Hoops customer was kind enough to send in instructions on how he installed his Pro Dunk Gold basketball system.

1- Dig a larger hole: 21.5 x 21.5 (just to be extra safe) and bellowed it (I went through the sprinkler pipe)

2- Frame hole with 2×6 boards

3- Depth: 46 inches due to frost in Michigan (Recommended depth for region is 3.5 feet)

4. Place rebars in hole

5- Assemble the J-bolt and template

6- Adjust the rebar depth to have 1 foot below top surface

7- Rent a cement mixer (1 day at $40 from Home Depot)

8- Used 21.5 bags of 60 lb cement (4,000 psi) = 1,290 lb of cement

9- Anchored the J-Bolt assembly and the kids etched their initials on the concrete

10- Let dry for 3-5 days, assemble & play

11- Reroute sprinkler pipes & repair lawn…


Thanks Kazem!


Check out these pictures of recent installs!

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