Feature Highlight #1 – Lift-Assist Mechanism
Author Ryan Tate
Posted April 2, 2010 in category

Introduction: This is the first of a series of posts where we will highlight some of the unique features that enable our basketball goals to outperform alternatives.

Nine out of ten residential customers buy an adjustable basketball goal for their driveway or backyard court.  This is common because most families have young children that want to play at a lower rim height or have older children that want to perfect their 360 degree dunk.  Either way, adjustment is an important feature that you should not gloss over while researching basketball goals.   Below are things you should consider before making a decision on your new basketball goal.

  1. Adjusts Down Low Enough – Most Pro Dunk basketball goals will lower to a 5′ rim height allowing all players to get in on the action
  2. Easily Adjust – Make sure you get a system with a lift-assist mechanism.  This will ensure even young players can raise or lower the backboard.  Most systems simply have a crank which means you’ll be the one doing all the lifting.
  3. KISS (Keep It Simple [Silly]) – Pins and rods are complicated.  The Pro Dunk basketball goals use a simple crank.  Turn clockwise to go up and counter-clockwise to go down.  No pins to set or rods to loose.
  4. Accurate – Some systems are not infinitely adjustable requiring that you set the rim at certain intervals.  Also, many basketball hoops are designed in a way that makes it difficult to see what height your at while adjusting.  The Pro Dunk basketball hoop has been designed to eliminate these issues.
  5. Safe Enclosed Mechanism – Make sure that all moving parts are are enclosed.  This will reduce the risk of injury.  All Pro Dunk mechanisms are enclosed so children’s fingers and clothes will not get caught up while adjusting the basketball goal.
  6. Adjustment Handle Mounting – Make sure that the handle used to raise and lower the basketball hoop is low enough for all of your players so YOUR not the one always adjusting it.  The Pro Dunk handle is mounted at about 3 feet allowing most players to participate.
  7. Calibrate – Every playing area is different.  That’s why Pro Dunk systems allow you to set the rim height at precisely ten feet after the concrete has cured.  This means that you do not need your pier to be exactly the same height as your playing surface making installation much easier.
  8. Lock the Height – One feature many people like it the ability to lock the system at a desired height.  Pro Dunk system allow this with simple bike lock.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider before choosing the right adjustment mechanism for your basketball goal.  We believe that the proven Pro Dunk design is a great option.

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