Series (1 of 5): Goalrilla™ – The 5 Best-Selling Premium Basketball Goal Brands
Author Ryan Tate
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This is a series of articles each focusing one of the best-selling premium basketball goal brands. The other brands included in this series are Pro Dunk®, Goalsetter®, Spalding® and Mammoth™.


Goalrilla™ basketball goals are considered to be big box store’s top-of-the-line systems boasting mostly impressive specs especially when compared to economy basketball hoops. It’s also the most widely known brand and the original manufacturer is considered a pioneer in the in-ground, adjustable basketball goal industry.


Goalrilla™, also commonly mislabeled Gorilla, is an interesting brand with a lot of history. In the early 90s, an Indiana based company started pioneering the design of what a modern day adjustable, in-ground basketball goal is today and called it Goalrilla™.

The design caught on and many other manufacturers began developing similar hoops. By this time, Goalrilla™ was quickly becoming the best known brand in the newly created cottage industry of high-end driveway basketball goals. Escalade Sports bought the company including the brand and continued Goalrilla™’s success by expanding distribution in big box stores and moving manufacturing overseas.

In recent history, the Goalrilla™ brand has expanded to include other sporting goods including soccer, volleyball, golf and more.

Comparing Goalrilla™ Basketball Goal Models

Goalrilla™ has a lot different models to choose from which can become daunting. It’s best to determine what size backboard you want first to narrow your options to three to four different models. They have three backboard sizes to choose from…

  • 72”
  • 60”
  • 54”

Check out this article detailing how to choose the right backboard size for your player and playing area size.

Where To Buy

Goalrilla™ basketball goals are sold mostly through big box stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. You’ll also find them at many local playground companies and online only stores as well. Check out my blog post on the 4 top stores to buy basketball goals at for more information.


Although Goalrilla™ basketball hoops might not be the best basketball systems available like they once were, they are still the best hoops available in your local box-store. If you need a system quickly, don’t mind paying a little more and aren’t too concerned about getting the best on the market, this is a buy. Escalade Sports is a well known and respected manufacturer that will surely be around for years to come.

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