Series (4 of 5): Goalsetter® – The 5 Best-Selling Premium Basketball Goal Brands
Author Ryan Tate
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This is a series of articles each focusing one of the best-selling premium basketball goal brands. The other brands included in this series are Pro Dunk®, Spalding®Goalrilla™ and Mammoth™.


Goalsetter® is a well known brand that has been around since the early 90s. Goalsetter® basketball goals are primarily sold through local playground companies and boast being the only brand in this series that is American manufactured.


In the Early 90s, Iowa based Goalsetter® was created with the goal of competing with then up and coming Goalrilla™ out of Indiana. Goalsetter® contracted manufacturing of their new systems through Co-Line Welding, Inc and began selling their basketball hoops through local playground companies across America as they still do today.

In recent history, Co-Line acquired Goalsetter® effectively taking control of the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of the Goalsetter® brand basketball goal.

What makes Goalsetter® unique?

Goalsetter® is the most unique basketball goal among all those listed on this series of articles. That’s not a negative or a positive. It’s just a matter of fact. The main points of difference include…

  • American manufactured
  • Compression actuator instead of tension actuator. This is just a fancy way of saying the actuators pushes instead of pulls. It’s a point of difference but does not affect performance.
  • There is an option to have the adjustment mechanism concealed within the main pole. The advantage here is that it’s a clean look. The disadvantage is that if you ever need to get in there to do maintenance on the actuator, it’s nearly impossible.
  • Paint / Enamel finish instead of a powder coating – Some will say a powder coat is a better finish but when an enamel is done correctly I believe it can be just as good.
  • Offset pole design – The offset pole design is polarizing on its aesthetic appeal. Some people like it and others don’t. As it pertains to ease of adjustment, it does not help and it does not hurt. From a stability standpoint, I can’t see how it would be beneficial as you have a much longer extension arm than you would with a straight pole.
  • Hinged pier mount allows you to assemble the system on the ground and then prop it up by pivoting it at the base. I like this design although you’ll need several people to help when you get ready to lift the whole system.
  • Sold through playground companies. The benefit is that you get full service installation and support from the local dealer. The disadvantage is that you’re going to pay a hefty mark-up to the re-seller.

Buying a Goalsetter® Basketball Goal

Goalsetter® basketball hoops are primarily sold through local playground companies although you can buy direct through the Goalsetter® website and there are some internet only companies that resell them as well.

The Goalsetter® and Proformance Relationship

You’ll see Goalsetter® basketball systems re-branded as Proformance basketball hoops sometimes. I believe this was a move to allow Goalsetter® to sell their basketball goals for less online without forcing their local dealer network to lower their prices.

Signature and Extreme Series Compared

The signature series with its distinct offset pole design is marketed as the more premium brand while the straight pole Extreme series is meant to compete with all of the other straight pole designs on the market. Usually the Extreme series will be less expensive. The top-tier models of the Signature series include…

  • MVP
  • Captain
  • All-American
  • All-Star
  • Contender
  • Champion

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a turn-key service of delivery and installation, Goalsetter® may be the brand for you. Also, if you feel the need to go look at the system before buying, their local presence is very valuable. Now, the downside is that you’ll be paying a hefty premium for this as the re-seller will need to make his cut. He must pay for inventory, frontage retail space etc. Also, bring American made is great but as with most things, you’ll pay more because of this as well.

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