Pro Dunk Installation Concerns Answered
Author Ryan Tate
Posted April 2, 2013 in category
Hey Ryan, I’ve been looking around for inground systems for a while and I think I’ve decided on your product, but I have a question
Sure, whatcha got for me?
well actually I have a few…lol….1) i saw a video on youtube of a customer installing one of these and it was more labor intensive than i thought. I know you all have preferred installers; how trustworthy are these contractors and does the warranty cover if they install it wrong?

No matter who does it … if it is installed incorrectly, the warranty is no good.
The installers in our directory are good. It is a well vetted list. If we receive a complaint from a customer, they are immediately removed from the list. All installers also have exerience with our equipment.
ok….2) where my driveway concrete ends, there are irrigation sprinkler heads and piping beneath it; is this something a lot of customers have an issue with in regards to digging a whole near the irrigation system?
Is it common, yes. Is it an issue … usually not. We run into that very often here in the Houston area when we are doing installations. There are two ways to handle it. You could move the system back to miss it or just pour the concrete right around the tubing. As long as a sprinkler head is not right where you want to put the pier, there is no issue.
Even if there is, have your irrigation guy come out and re-route it.
3) ok, along those same lines, these is a slight slope right past the end of the driveway that makes the ground decline…this is the same area where the pole would need to be installed; how is that handled so that the goal still stands at 10 ft at its highest point?
You’ll want to build the concrete pier up so that it’s at the same level as your driveway. You can make your own form to accomplish this. 2x4s and a little plywood.
ok….and finally 4) i read on the website (great informative website btw) about how to go about selecting the right goal…i’m still having trouble deciding. our driveway can hold 3 cars but i’m still afraid that the 72″ may look too huge…at the same time, i’m worried that if i go the 60″ route, I may regret it…do most people who put these in their driveways get 72″?
Check out this video comparing the Gold (60″ backboard) and Platinum (72″ backboard)
With three car driveways, I’d say a majority get the Pro Dunk Platinum.
ok. that’s all for now. thanks for the awesome customer service…i’ll be purchasing from you guys soon
The price difference isn’t huge and you get a lot more basketball goal. As far as it looking too large, usually not. The backboard is clear so it doesn’t look as massive as you might think.
Sounds great. Let me know if you have any other questions.
ok. bye



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