Series (3 of 5): Mammoth™ – The 5 Best-Selling Premium Basketball Goal Brands
Author Ryan Tate
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This is a series of articles each focusing one of the best-selling premium basketball goal brands. The other brands included in this series are Pro Dunk®Goalsetter®Goalrilla™ and Spalding®.


Mammoth™ basketball goals are primarily sold through box stores such as Sports Authority and are considered to be the store’s premium brand of hoop. Mammoth™ basketball systems are manufactured by Lifetime® which makes everything from chairs to sheds to kayaks. Lifetime® is currently a market leader in the high-volume economy portable basketball hoop market with strong distribution and a diversified line of equipment.

About the Mammoth™ Brand

Lifetime®’s top basketball systems are labeled with the Mammoth™ brand. These basketball hoops have far better specs than goals with the generic Lifetime® brand.

A Unique Adjustment Mechanism

A very unique feature of Mammoth™ basketball hoops is the adjustment mechanism. It uses a pneumatic cylinder and trigger to control the height of the system. The pneumatic system has also been called a gas shock and hydraulic.

The Pneumatic Adjustment System Compared

Most other premium brands use what is called an actuator which is a fancy word for screw. The advantage of the pneumatic system is faster height adjustment. Actuators require you to turn a handle to raise or lower the rim height just as if you were tightening or loosening a screw. The disadvantage of the pneumatic system is that is can be difficult to pull the trigger limiting height adjustment to older children and adults.

Steel-Framed Backboard

Another area that Lifetime® pioneered with the Mammoth™ line is a fully boxed steel backboard frame instead of aluminum which is traditionally used. The advantage is very good rigidity despite backboard thickness. Glass is expensive and heavy so instead of increasing their backboard thickness to ½” like other brands, Mammoth™ uses steel to add rigidity. This seems to be a pretty good solution. The only downside is that if the powder coat finish should fail, you will most likely end up with rust streaks down your backboard. Aluminum does not rust so this is not a problem with systems that use an aluminum frame.

Learn more about ½” thick tempered glass compared to alternatives here.

Buying a Mammoth™ Basketball Goal

Mammoth™ systems are probably available at the lowest price compared to other premium brands mentioned in this series of articles. Generally speaking, without some kind of technological advantage or alternative business model, you really do get what you pay for. If you look closely at Mammoth™ specs, you’ll see thinner glass and steel. A reduced weight means lower material and shipping costs. If you’re on a budget and Mammoth™ fits better within it, I’d say a Mammoth™ basketball goal is a buy. If you can expand your budget slightly I believe you can get a superior basketball hoop elsewhere.

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