Pier Height and Goalrilla I Comparison
Author Ryan Tate
Posted December 8, 2011 in category
hi. if i install, is there an offset when i repave my driveway a couple of inches up or down.
in other words, when its repaved, if the driveway gets up an inch or 2 or down an inch or 2, i want to make sure the installation is good. thanks
You want to get the pier as close to the playing surface as possible. Having said that, there is leeway built into the system so you can be slightly above or below and be fine.
Does that answer your question?
slightly. how many inches is that? :)
If you are going to be below the surface, an inch or two. Above, many inches as you are just limited how low the system will adjust down at that point which is not as important as getting the rim to a regulation 10 feet.
perfect. thanks. last question. how do you guys compare to goalrilla®? big differences? thanks.
Do you have a specific model you are comparing or are you looking for more general differences?
goalrilla® I 72inch adjustable
and general diff too.
  1. 1/2 thick glass for better performance
  2. 25-50% heavier in aggregate weight (more glass, more steel) for better performance and durability
  3. Adjustable lower (5 feet 6 inches)
  4. Easier to adjust. We use a lift assist in addition to the actuator unlike Goalrilla® making our system effortless to adjust up and down. So easy, a six year old can do it.
  5. Best warranty in the industry. Covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging unlike Goalrilla®. Also, we warrant our system in institutional application, not just residential like Goalrilla®.
  6. Best corrosion protection in the industry with the Rust Armor™ package. Includes stainless steel fasteners, zinc galvanization on all steel for a double layer of protection and we even extend the warranty to include corrosion!
  7. You deal direct with us, the manufacturer, not a re-seller. You get knowledgeable sales and support and you system is automatically registered so warranty issues are a snap.
  8. If you are installing yourself, the Pro Dunk® basketball goals have been rated by professional installers as the easiest to assembly with only 8 main bolts (70% less than Goalrilla®). Our crew can knock out an assembly in under 45 minutes. Also, the backboard can be mounted from a standing position (no extra equipment) because it will lower down so far.
Those are the big items in my mind. Did you have something specific you looking for?

A few things on the price side of things…

  1. Free shipping
  2. Complete padding set is included at no extra charge ($300.00 value)
  3. Free basketball and pump with the purchase of any Pro Dunk® system right now.
  4. No sales tax outside of Texas
goalrilla® said yours vibrate more with the longer extension arms. is that correct?
Not that I have seen at all. In contrast, because we split the different in height between the main pole and the extension arms more evenly, it allows the main pole, which is traditionall the weak link to be shorter and thus more rigid improving perfomance over all greatly. Imagine having two straws that you hold up parallel to the ground. One is long and one is short. Put the same weight on the end of each. Which one sags more? The longer one. By having all of the weight higher up on the main pole, Goalrilla® esentially weakens the main pole making it less rigid.
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