Pro Dunk Basketball Goal Installation Video
Author Ryan Tate
Posted August 2, 2010 in category

First, an interesting statistic.

1/2 of online Pro Dunk customers do their own installation

Initially, we thought this was high as installation requires some knowledge of concrete work and the Pro Dunk systems are not light (not that you’d want them to be anyways).  We began to theorize why this might be…

  1. Americans love a challenge and get satisfaction from figuring something out.
  2. People can save a buck, know that it’s done right, and have fun with friends while they install.
  3. We might have a disproportionate amount of rural customers, not serviced by the big box stores found in large cities.  These customers, out of necessity, have the required DIY skills.
  4. The Pro Dunk systems are designed from the ground up with installation in mind.  Professional installers rate it as the easiest installation.  There are 30% fewer fasteners than competing models and no special equipment is required.  The easier installation process skews the DIY percentage higher.
  5. Pro Dunk systems come with unparalleled installation support including detailed instructions (living document: updated regularly) phone support from experts with installation experience and online resources.  We believe that these resources demystify the installation process and give customers the confidence they need to take on installation.

we are improving on this last point today.

We are happy to announce that we have added a video showing installation of a Pro Dunk basketball system from start to finish by a professional assembly crew.

That video is embedded below…

We believe that this 9 minute video will ultimately do two things.

  1. Help customers determine if they can or cannot do their own installation.
  2. Be a resource to those who have chosen to do their own installation.

This video will be embedded in the installation section of each Pro Dunk basketball goal page   The experienced installers shown in the video will share tips and tricks that they have learned from years installing Pro Dunk basketball goals making your installation process quicker and easier.  The video is intended to be a companion to the installation instructions giving you great visual representations of each step along the way.

Looking for a professional basketball goal installer?  Check out our directory to hire a professional assembler in your area.



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