Series (5 of 5): Pro Dunk® – The 5 Best-Selling Premium Basketball Goal Brands
Author Ryan Tate
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This is a series of articles each focusing one of the best-selling premium basketball goal brands. The other brands included in this series are Goalsetter®Spalding®Goalrilla™ and Mammoth™.


In this series of brands, if you’re looking for the highest quality basketball goal, you can stop reading now. Pro Dunk® basketball goals generally use much more material than the other brands in this series delivering better performance and durability. Pro Dunk® is unique in that they only sell direct mainly through their e-commerce website whereas most others are primarily selling through re-sellers.


Keith Tate began Pro Dunk® Hoops in 1984 in the Houston, Texas area. The oil industry was cratering and oil field pipe was going for pennies on the dollar. Keith knew that if he could find something to do with that pipe he would be successful so he checked out a book from the library and began to teach himself how to weld in his own garage.

He began manufacturing heavy-duty basketball goals for driveway applications which was a unique idea at the time. The business took off and hasn’t turned back. Pro Dunk® Hoops is one of the leading outdoor basketball goal manufacturers in the country today.

Pro Dunk® Hoops is family owned and operated out of Tomball, TX. Read more here about this story if you’re interested

What Makes Pro Dunk® Unique

Adjustable down to 5 feet
Being able to adjust to five feet really sets Pro Dunk® apart. This means children ages five and up can use the basketball goal. Pro Dunk® is a perfect fit for young families that want to invest in something their children can grow into.

Lift-assisted height adjustment
Pro Dunk® basketball systems have a crucial extra part to their adjustment mechanism that other brands in this series do not. A spring-loaded canister pulls on the extension arm and neutralizes the backboard weight making height adjustment so easy a six-year-old child can do it. Other brands in this series don’t have this feature and are much more difficult to adjust.

The Pro Dunk® warranty is unique in a few important ways. First, all basketball play including dunking and hanging is warranted. No other brand in this series can claim that. Secondly, parts such as the backboard, rim and adjustment mechanism are not broken out. Everything is covered bumper to bumper. The sole exception is the padding which is warranted for one year.

Business model
This is what Makes Pro Dunk® systems the most unique in my opinion. You buy direct from the manufacturer. It sounds simple but the advantages are tremendous. First, you’re not paying 30% to a re-seller  Secondly, during the sales process you get speak with a Pro Dunk® Hoops trained basketball goal expert. This is reassuring as your new basketball goal will be a permanent fixture at your home so it’s an important decision to get right. Lastly, you get direct support from the manufacturer, not a re-seller that may or may not be in business a few years down the road.

Highest customer-rated basketball hoop
The numbers speak for themselves. No other system on the market has more verified customers reviews than Pro Dunk®. Why listen to biased sales speak when you can hear real stories from real people that have bought the system you’re about to?

If you look at the aggregate weight of Pro Dunk® hoops you’ll see they are 30 to 50 percent heavier than other brands in this series. Pro Dunk® generally uses more glass and steel delivering better performance and durability.

Buying A Pro Dunk® Basketball Hoop

There are four models to choose from which you can compare on their web page. The main difference between their models is backboard size. You’ll have to buy direct and you most likely will not be able to see one in-store because of this. They try to make up for this with comprehensive customer reviews and videos which does a good job although some people do not want to buy without seeing what they are buying. In short, if you’re looking for the best value and don’t mind buying online Pro Dunk® is the basketball goal for you.

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