Product Reviews Added: Make an Educated Buying Decision
Author Ryan Tate
Posted May 17, 2010 in category

When searching for the best basketball system for your family or institution how do you decide? Pro Dunk Hoops has experts on hand to answer questions; and provides pictures, key features, specifications, and additional details on each of our product pages; but does this really give a complete picture during your search of the perfect basketball goal to fit your needs, not quite. In addition to the black and white information and a live person to answer your questions about our basketball systems, Pro Dunk Hoops is now able to include customer reviews of all our hoops to help give a clearer picture to potential customers about what to expect of their purchase.

During the review, our customers were asked first for an overall rating in the standard staring format, then the positives about their new basketball goal and the draw backs, and would they recommend this same system to a friend. And while many of our customers choose to install their new system themselves Pro Dunk Hoops maintains a directory of installers around the country to assist in installation so this aspect was also part of the review and evaluation process. The most important part of the review is reading comments about our goals’ performance and quality. Our customers’ individual experiences with our systems helps set us apart and we hope is the most helpful during the comparison process.

Each review not only helps future customers in their search for the best basketball goal and gives a clearer overall picture of our different lines of equipment, but also helps with product improvement. Our staff appreciates the time and feedback from each customer and hopes that after reading the reviews (posted daily) that our potential customers will be more educated and make the most informed buying decision possible.



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