Series (2 of 5): Spalding® – The 5 Best-Selling Premium Basketball Goal Brands
Author Ryan Tate
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This is a series of articles each focusing one of the best-selling premium basketball goal brands. The other brands included in this series are Pro Dunk®Goalsetter®Goalrilla™ and Mammoth™.


Spalding® is one of the most respected, and well-known brands in basketball. In addition to being the largest manufacturer of basketballs, they also have a line of outdoor, in-ground basketball goals for home use.

Although this kind of equipment is not the company’s focus, their offering is respectable boasting much better specs than most economy hoops. Spalding® basketball hoops are mostly sold through box-stores but can also be found through online only stores and directly through the Spalding® website.


Spalding® is rich in basketball history. The company was founded in 1976 by Albert Spalding® and began manufacturing basketballs in 1894.

Spalding® has also had a long history in sponsoring professional and collegiate basketball leagues such as the NBA and NCAA. They are also well known for having big name athletes endorse their equipment.

In 2003 most of Spalding® including the basketball goal brands and inventory was acquired by Russell Brands, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Learn more about Spalding®’s history on their Wikipedia page.

About Arena View™

Arena View™ is what Spalding® has come up with to describe how the backboard is mounted to the extension arm. It’s also called wide yolk and clear view by other manufacturers. This is where the extension arms stretch out to the edges of the backboard instead of being mounted at the center near the shooter’s square. Spalding® is widely credited with this design and it is assumed the idea came from it’s work on gymnasium basketball systems, hence the name “Arena View™.”

About U-Turn™

This is another jargon term used to describe the adjustment mechanism. Instead of turning parallel to the ground, Spalding®’s U-Turn™ adjustment mechanism turns perpendicular to the ground. It is implied that this is a superior adjustment mechanism. This is because you’re adding a gear to rotate this handle 90 degrees which 7th grade science simple machines tells us will add efficiency. This design also allows them to lengthen the adjustment handle giving the person adjusting the basketball goal more leverage. Spalding® was not the first to use this type of actuator but is credited with creating the U-Turn™ moniker.

Buying a Spalding® Basketball Goal

Like Goalrilla, the Spalding® line is kind of a mess in my opinion. It’s hard to compare systems with a naming convention akin to alphabet soup. There is also not great consistency as to what stores carry what models. Even Spalding®’s own website seems to have an incomplete listing of products.

Although advertised as being available in box-stores like Academy I believe you’ll have a hard time finding them stocked anywhere. Call ahead to make sure they are in stock or can be ordered for you. Check out my article on the top stores to buy a basketball goal at here.

It seems that Spalding® likes to get a premium price for the Arena View™ basketball systems. This may be due to large overhead attached with sponsoring the NBA and NCAA and or having big name endorsers like Paul Pierce. I’m uncertain but do know that you can usually get comparable if not better specifications from other brands. In short, I’d pass on Spalding® unless you’re really attached to the brand.

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