What is a Nike+ FuelBand?
Author Ryan Tate
Posted February 27, 2013 in category


As a fitness tracker, the Nike+ FuelBand offers a simple, attractive design that stays out of the way during most physical activities. Its pedometer tracks steps taken, calories burned, and a proprietary measurement of activity called Nike Fuel. The accompanying iOS app and Nike+ Web site offer great motivational tricks too.



The Nike+ Fuel Band is a beautiful and deadly device, which aims to measure your daily exercise with a variety of brutal statistics – and so inspire you to greater endeavors of physicality and not sitting around.

Worn on your wrist, it is a matte-black, soft-to-the-touch and pleasantly weighted piece of techno jewelry with a single raised button, which when pressed reveals a hidden 70’s-style LED display that lights up your daily progress (or the time) in a line of 20 red-to-green lights, and connects to your PC and Mac via a USB adapter while syncing to your phone with Bluetooth.

As with the best and most timelessly designed devices, the Fuel Band is simultaneously retro and futuristic, functional and ridiculous. Even if it does look a bit like a charity wristband it’s one of the coolest things you can wear above your hand.

It’s also water resistant, works in the shower (though not when swimming) and comes with extra ‘links’ to re-size to your needs.

The FuelBand also measures your steps and your calorie count, as well as the time. All of the relevant stats are synced and uploaded to Nike’s online exercise tracker, which you can use to set challenges to your friends, make goals for your future progress and everything else that people do in adverts.



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