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Alternative Office Services
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Featured Installer For Boise
In index since January 2012 without incident
Service AreaGreater Boise, ID
ContactRon Mespelt
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Did a great job
Doc from Boise, ID gave Alternative Office Services 5 out of 5 stars on 5/7/2013
Very attentive and did a great job. Would hire them again.
I would recommend this installer to a friend
Urban Express Assembly
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Service AreaNationwide
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What you would expect
James from Hebron, CT gave Urban Express Assembly 4 out of 5 stars on 8/10/2010
He was personable. Hadn't had a lot of experience with my specific model. Had some difficulty initially, but was able to correct the problem.
I would recommend this installer to a friend
Two guys did an outstanding job---
Franco from Angola, NY gave Urban Express Assembly 5 out of 5 stars on 6/11/2013
Very personable and friendly- I was out there helping them as well - even did some work in the dark
I would recommend this installer to a friend
Very pleasant installer
Anna from bethlehem, PA gave Urban Express Assembly 5 out of 5 stars on 1/2/2014
The installer and his assistant were outright excellent...I was worried that my nice new system would be installed incorrectly or be damaged somehow....The pro-dunk hoop i purchased turned out to be easy to install- according to the worker- The installer explained and demonstrated all the features of the hoop system and even advised me as to where to position it...Very happy with this company and will use them again if i purchase a swing set next summer...oh and price was competitive- considering the system requires a two day installation.
I would recommend this installer to a friend
Cascade Technical Group
In index since June 2006 without incident
Service AreaWashington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California
ContactDavid Stamets
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Eagle Express Assembly
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In index since June 2006 without incident
Service AreaNationwide
ContactFelix Checo
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Excellent job. Quick response, very good attention to detail.
John the driller from avon, IN gave Eagle Express Assembly 5 out of 5 stars on 8/12/2012
Installer, named Todd S. After calling several installers, most of which were very friendly, only Todd was able to come ina timely manner. He called and confirmed day of install. He was able to install the base in a bout 3-4 hours, even though my lawn was rockhard. Came a week later, on time and installed the hoop very efficiently and was very carefull to ask about alignment. I took my time and Todd was very kind in addressing all my concerns. Seemed very familiar with the install. Only thing I would have to say that is he is so fast, if there's anything you want done you need to tell him in detail and quickly or it'll be too late. Overall, he was very efficient, knowledgeable and took his time to make sure I was satisfied. Highly recommended.
I would recommend this installer to a friend
Horrible experience!!
Basketball Mom from Vero Beach, FL gave Eagle Express Assembly 1 out of 5 stars on 5/17/2012
I used a company suggested to me by ProDunk on the phone and the company (Eagle Express) was also on their website. I was told by ProDunk to say to the installers prior to enlisting their help, "this is a fixed height system with a 72 inch backboard and you will need a genie lift or scaffolding to put it up." I think I must have said this at least five times, to all of the different people I spoke with at this company. The company said it was no problem but then they subcontracted this out to another company. The technician actually no showed three times (we made specific appointments, once I even missed work for this) before coming. When he finally came, he did not have of the materials that I told them they needed and seemed surprised by how large the basketball system was, like if he had never seen anything like that before. He dug only 20 inches (instructions clearly say minimum 48 inches) and left a mess on my driveway with concrete splattered all over including his foot prints, which are still there now. I knew the amount of concrete he used and the hole itself was not adequate even though he said it was. I called the company and complained and they sent another techinician who evaluated the job the first one did and, to his credit, he was honest enough to tell me that the first technician had done a very poor job and that the basketball hoop would fall over. He had to use a jack hammer and take out all of the concrete the first guy put in (which took over 12 hours to do) and dug the hole deeper, this time showing me with a tape measure that it was in fact 48 inches. After he left, however, my son wanted to measure the height of the rim and we found that it was two inches short. We ended up calling a different company, Assembly Pro, who came with all of the required materials (neither technician from Eagle Express did this), seemed to know what they were doing, and fixed it for us. I wish that I had called them first!
Bottom Line: I would not recommend this installer to a friend
Installer is expert on what he does
Just win baby... from Mertztown, PA gave Eagle Express Assembly 5 out of 5 stars on 4/25/2012
Installer works around my schedule so its easy to make arrangement
I would recommend this installer to a friend
jitow from San Jose, CA gave Eagle Express Assembly 3 out of 5 stars on 4/24/2012
Installer was personable and did a decent job. The person setting up appointment was unresponsive and did not respond to my concerns.
Bottom Line: I would not recommend this installer to a friend
Wasn't prepared for this product
JBear1960 from Castro Valley, CA gave Eagle Express Assembly 2 out of 5 stars on 3/2/2012
Installer jumped right in preparing the area for install. But, then he discovered he had never installed this product before. Found the bulk and weight a barrier to installation. Delayed completion because of the need to reschedule additional help. Wasn't great at communicating issues surrounding the delays. I had to call the office several times to obtain updates. In all fairness, for any of the lighter residential grade products, this installer would probably have not had an issue and there wouldn't have been any delays.
Bottom Line: I would not recommend this installer to a friend
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