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Pro Dunk Hoops Omaha

Welcome to
Pro Dunk Hoops Omaha
Offering the best basketball goals manufacturer-direct to the greater Omaha, Nebraska area since 1984
Pro Dunk Hoops has teamed up with Glen Pendleton at TG Services out of Omaha, NE to offer you the best basketball goals on the market manufacture-direct with installation by the most professional crew in all of Omaha.
Three easy steps to a lifetime of basketball
Delivered to your home or institution
Delivered in 3 business days after ordering on average. Shipping is free.
Hire a professional installer or D-I-Y
Installation costs $450.00 on average and is a two part process that usually takes about a week. Call for professional installation or watch the installation video to see if self-installation is for you.
Pro Dunk Hoops Omaha

2306 S 166th St, Suite 1
Omaha, NE 68130
United States


Phone Hours
M-F 7:00a to 5:00p

Featured Omaha Professional Basketball Goal System Installer
TG Service
Glen Pendleton



Service Area
Greater Omaha area. Also, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Glen Pendleton has over 20 years of successful management experience. He founded TG Service in 2008. His company specializes in delivery and installation/assembly as well as disassembling and moving your basketball goal to your next home.

Delivery and Installation Timeline
Day 1 Order
Day 2 Shipped
Day 6 Delivered
Day 7 Installation (Part 1 - Concrete Pier)
Day 7-10 Concrete Cures
Day 10 Installation (Part 2 - Assembly)
Installation Cost Estimates
In-Ground Adjustable Basketball Goal (Pro Dunk®) $400.00 to $900.00
In-Ground Fixed-Height Basketball System (Hercules™) $600.00 to $900
Roof-Mounted Basketball Hoop (Roof King™) $300.00 to $500.00
Portable Adjustable (Bear™) $400.00 to $600.00
These are estimates and are subject to change without notice. Also this does not include extra services such as jackhammering, building the pier above grade, removal or disposal of an old basketball goal and extra trip fees for installation outside of the normal service area.

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Why Should I Choose Pro Dunk Hoops Omaha?

Pro Dunk Hoops Omaha sells manufacturer-direct cutting out the middle man and saving you 30%. We ship direct to you for free and do not collect sales tax in Omaha as we do not have a store in the state.

Once you receive your basketball goal, you can setup installation through TG Services which services the greater Omaha area or do the installation yourself.

Cut out the middle man and save yourself 30% when you buy from Pro Dunk Hoops Omaha
Top-Quality Basketball Hoops
We cater to customers looking for something better than they can find in their local big box store. Our basketball systems weigh 40% more. They have regulation ½" thick tempered glass backboards for gym quality rebound response and a bigger pole delivering unmatched rigidity.
Do you install?
No but you can contact TG Service for all of your professional installation needs. Glen Pendleton has years of exerpience with great customer reviews. He services the greater Omaha area.
Do you stock your basketball systems and have demo models I can see?
No. By not having a store in Nebraska we are able to ship direct to you without collecting sales tax.
How long does this take?
You’ll be playing basketball in 1-2 weeks. We’ll ship your basketball backboard system the next business day. Transit time averages 3 business days to the Omaha area. Installation is a two part process which usually takes about a week.
What areas are normally covered?
Lincoln, Columbus, Norfolk, Holdrege, McCook, North Platte, Waterloo, Elkhorn, Papillion, Bellevue, Alliance and Scottsbluff
Live chat, call (402-819-5001) or email if you have unanswered questions
I LOVE TO LET OFF STEAM WITH THE KIDS AFTER A GREAT DAY AT WORK. I have a six and a three year old. I am blown away that they can both raise and lower the hoop by themselves. I actually had a hard time raising and lowering some of the other brands that I looked into. Another HUGE plus is that the hoop lowers to 5 ft. The little guy can still get some playing time in and I get to save my back and shoulders BY NOT lifting him up 80 times a night. A lot of the other brands would only lower to 7 feet. I love the strength and how solid everything feels. I feel totally confident playing above the rim with this system(yes when it's lowered some)
I would recommend this to a friend
Omaha, NE
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