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Residential basketball court

Residential half-court basketball in backyard adjacent to garage. Ideal for the homeowner who loves basketball and wants a great place to play. Comes equiped with the Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System.

Asphalt basketball court located in a residential setting in upstate New York.
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Court Width 20 Feet
Court Depth 23 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date April 2013
Customer Aaron F
Location Farmington, NY
Review I was skeptical, but the
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
I was about to buy one of the big box brands simply because I was reluctant to make such a large purchase online. I researched like crazy for weeks, but couldn't get past the logic points of *thicker glass *thicker pole *better warranty (which INCLUDES dunking and hanging) *better adjustability (much lower settings possible for my young sons) and overall, the look of it. Minor, cosmetic point: I love that I could strip the few stickers off so my hoop wasn't a giant, free advertisement for my neighborhood. Who wants to be an unpaid sponsor?

As for the install: if you follow the instructions, can dig a deep hole, and have 2 relatively strong helpers (you'll only need them for 10 minutes) you can absolutely install this yourself. Buy a magnetic level for $5, it'll make life easier.

As for actually using the hoop: Yea, it takes a minute to adjust from 5' to 10', but if you're shooting hoops for 30, 45, or 60+ minutes who cares if it takes 45 seconds to adjust it? Silly complaint. The rim is solid and from my experience can be a little too rigid if you really crank down the bolts. I backed em' off a little and that softened the play a little and gave my family a little more of a "shooters roll" a.k.a. "you don't have to be as good" for the shot to drop.

I'm over 200lbs and I dunk & hang with complete confidence that I'm not going to damage the hoop. I'b buy this product again in a second if I had to decide all over again. Now when I'm in my local sporting goods stores I look at their hoops critically and can easily see that my Pro Dunk Gold is superior product. If you're on the fence I hope this review helps you get over the hurdle and whatever hesitation you may have. I was in your shoes and almost didn't buy this hoop only because of the online concern. The order was fast, shipping was as promised, and you always get a live person to talk to when you call if you ever need to. I sound like a paid sponsor or something which makes me laugh because I always worry that people who review aren't real customers. I assure you I'm just a happy customer eager to brag about a good purchase. You'll be making a solid investment if you buy one of these hoops.

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