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Pro Dunk Gold Basketball in Woods Cross, Utah

Brandon and his family purchased the Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System a few years ago. They installed the system in their front yard of their residence in Woods Cross, Utah. The dimensions of the playing area on their driveway are 34' x 25'.

A young boy, right, plays like LeBron James.

There's the Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System.

There's the Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System.

On the right you can see their garage.

Front view of the Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System

At the bottom there is their driveway.

One on one is challenging.

On the left he is LeBron James's biggest fan.

It is so much fun to play against someone.

It is a beautiful day to play outside.

He performs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's signature shot.

Above the backboard you can see the lighting.

The neighborhood is nice.

The hoop is a great addition to the driveway.


He's about to dunk the hoop LeBron James' style!

Oh my he's about to make a monster dunk!

Another monster dunk!

Isn't a Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System worth it?

Love how the hoop's height is adjustable for everyone.
More information about Brandon's Photos
Court Width 34 Feet
Court Depth 25 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date March 2011
Customer Brandon C
Location Woods Cross, UT
Review Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System lives up to its hype and claims
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Now I know why Pro Dunk Hoops has won "Hoop of the Year" for four years in a row. The day that the hoop was finally in place and ready to play with we had numerous boys stop by and play. I have two sons and one daughter. One of my boys is not athletic and does not care for sports at all, but he plays just as much as the other two kids. He loves how easy it is to raise and lower the hoop. I love how low you can lower the backboard because I don't need a ladder to clean off the glass. We purchased the light system add-on and my kids love that they can keep on playing well into the dark. One of the best investments I have made in a long time. I didn't buy it to make my neighbors jealous, but everyone I talk to says how much they wish they had one just like ours. I always refer them to Pro Dunk Hoops.
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