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Pro Dunk Gold in front of the hedges

Brian chose the Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System for his Chapel Hill, NC driveway. He situated it nicely in front of the hedges.

Planted in-ground and adjusted just above the hedges, the hoop is ready.

Between the backboard and the hedges, the ball can be kept in the playing area.

Pro Dunk transforms this concrete slab go from drab to, "Grab the ball, let's play."
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Court Width 44 Feet
Court Depth 22 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date November 2010
Customer Brian G
Location Chapel Hill, NC
Review The goal is great - disappointed in the post purchase service
4 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
The goal itself is great. The backboard response is the best of any driveway unit I have ever played on and the adjustment mechanism is easy enough to operate that my 7 year old daughter can adjust it to the height that she wants. But I am disappointed in the post-sale service. When I inspected the goal after the professional installation the weather cap on the bottom of the adjustment arm was torn. I contacted ProDunk to get a replacement cap and they told me they don't stock just the cap - I would have to BUY the entire arm to resolve the issue. They also said that it would not be covered under warranty since it was damaged during installation. I have no idea when it was damaged but it's extremely disappointing that my expensive brand new basketball goal has a damaged spot an easily replaceable part and the vendor basically washed their hands of it. So, I recommend, but with a caveat.
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