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half circle shaped backyard basketball court

Incredible backyard basketball court with dedicated lighting opposite the basketball goal. The three-point line and key looks to be marked with expansion joints in the concrete which looks great. It's hard to tell from Bryant's pictures but I think each section is stained a different color. This is definitely one of the most unique albums we have received. Great job Bryant!

A great view of the whole area looking at the basketball goal and home.

The sun sets on this Utah basketball court but no worries. Things are just getting started when you have dedicated outdoor lighting.

Uniquely shaped court allows for the three point arc all the way around.

Scattered clouds look down on a beautifully manicured green lawn and basketball court. A white fence lines the perimeter of the yard.
More information about Bryant's Photos
Court Width 50 Feet
Court Depth 35 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Diamond Basketball System
Order Date October 2012
Customer Bryant S
Location Kaysville, UT
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