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Pro Dunk Gold driveway in Peoria, IL

Daniel's Pro Dunk driveway is 28 feet wide and 40+ feet deep. Daniel bought the Pro Dunk Gold system and installed it himself. He's very please with himself. He should be. He took this pic to share right away as he was preparing to paint the key and 3-point line.

Daniel is a driveway makeover King.

A "nice" yard with a pool upgraded to "even nicer."

The Pro Dunk driveway.
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Court Width 28 Feet
Court Depth 40 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date January 2013
Customer Daniel O
Location Peoria, IL
Review Best in the neighborhood
4 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
I did a lot of research online before I settled on one of these systems. I compared to all other major brands. Their best systems, which are comparable to this, are 20% more expensive, and their more modest systems are not as stable. I live in Illinois, so I upgraded to the rust-proof package. The hardware and structural materials are very high quality with this system. Set-up was easy once I had the modified pier installed (see below for details). The only problem was getting help to lift the backboard into place (my family couldn't help---I had to call a friend). Otherwise, the install was very easy---just a few large bolts. The rim was simple since it is at 5' when you install it---I had it resting on my shoulders when I bolted it to the backboard. This main post is extremely rigid. I leveled it and left it slightly tilted back, assuming it would deform a bit when the backboard was attached and hanging 4 feet away. I checked it after everything was installed, and the level was in the exact same place. It hadn't moved a bit. The backboard has a solid bounce, and the break-away rim prevents too much shock loading on the post. The angled arm also bounces a bit when someone hangs on the rim---the spring and gear mechanism have some give---this helps to soften the load along with the rim. My boys (11 and 13) tend to keep it at 7.5 feet so they can do trick dunks (the overhang at this height is around 56"). I was apprehensive at first, but there doesn't appear to be any problem with them dunking/hanging on it, so I'm letting them do what they want. I had to do a modified pier install. I moved a plastic base system that was on gravel, and found that there was already a pier there for a previous hoop. Instead of removing it and starting over, I drilled into it roughly 16" and used anchoring epoxy to hold 5/8" threaded rods. The rods replaced the 16mm J-hooks that came with the system. This appears to be working just fine, so if anyone else has issues like this, I highly recommend anchoring epoxy with long threaded rods. I don't know about the long-term quality of the system yet. I bought the rust-proofing upgrade so it would last forever. I'm assuming it will last a very very long time. The overhang is one of my favorite features. I have a long driveway and wanted to be able to play "under the rim" like in a regulation game. It is great for that. The padding on the post isn't very thick, but due to the overhang, no one really gets close to it anyway.
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