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Large new construction driveway / court

Gary has done a wonderful job creating a great playing area on his new construction. He plans to add a second hoop opposite this current one in the future for some fun full court run and gun basketball. The width is 65 feet but as you can see there is a slope on about 15 feet of that towards the garage which is why the Pro Dunk Platinum looks off-center skewed towards the road.

A great wide angle shot of Gary's huge court.

The dark outline of the Pro Dunk Platinum contrasts the dimming blue sky as the sun sets on this Louisiana basketball court.

The Pro Dunk Platinum stands alone on Gary's acreage in Jennings , LA.

Pillowy clouds cover the evening sky above the Pro Dunk Platinum basketball system on this new construction home.

The Pro Dunk Platinum basketball system is mounted into a peninsula of concrete off the main slab with a farm style house in the background on an overcast day.

Gary has definitely poured enough concrete to make this into a full court.

A good photo showing the Pro Dunk Platinum basketball system and garage in the background.

A beautiful day in Jennings, LA with scattered clouds. A great day to play some five on five basketball.

The concrete is curing on the huge driveway designed to double as a basketball court.

A nice wide angle shot of work in progress to make this 60 by 75 driveway / basketball court.

The Pro Dunk Platinum extends over the driveway four feet giving players room to run in for layups without stepping off the concrete.

A good shot showing what how large the Pro Dunk Platinum's 72 inch backboard looks from 60 feet away.
More information about Gary's Photos
Court Width 65 Feet
Court Depth 75 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date June 2013
Customer Gary L
Location Jennings, LA
Review I absolutely love the system my kids have a blast
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
We use it for practice and weekend games. \ The way you can adjust up and down with ease. The stiff backboard for ball response. Thw steardy rim for dunking. There are no bad or not so great things about it
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