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A great look at where the hoop is installed off the concrete.

A great look at where the hoop is installed off the concrete.

They pulled this system off about two feet leaving the backboard to hang over about one foot. Given they have good depth on the court I'd usually recommend installing the pole a bit closer to give players more room underneath the basket to run in for layups or box out for rebounds. They also could have upgraded to one of the bigger hoops (Gold or Platinum) to get a larger four foot overhang.

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Extended driveway basketball court
The Jawand family has taken full advantage of an offshoot of concrete on their driveway by creating a great sized playing area.
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Great photos of accessories that you can add to your basketball goal and court including ball containment netting, court striping stencils, lighting and more.
Photos of basketball goals utilizing the driveway as a great playing area.
Driveway Or Patio Extension
Great examples of how our customers have poured a little extra concrete or put down some blacktop to extended their driveway or patio to create a wonderful basketball court for their family.
Basketball courts that have the key, three-point line and and other lines striped.
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