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Pro Dunk Gold Basketball in New Lenox, IL

Jonathan shares his photos of his Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System that sits on the side of his driveway in the front yard of his residence. The playing area is about 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep. He and his family enjoy using their hoop. His kids at school still talk about their goal months later.

The playing area is about 40 x 30.

There is an angled shot of a Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System.

There is another angled shot of the goal.

The system is nicely installed on the side of his concrete driveway.

There is a worm's eye view of the goal.

There is a side view of a Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System.

There is the front view of the goal.
More information about Jonathan's Photos
Court Width 40 Feet
Court Depth 30 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date April 2012
Customer Jonathan F
Location New Lenox, IL
Review This system is a swish!
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Overall this is an excellent system. The ordering/tracking/shipping/receiving went exactly as you’ve come to expect from premium online resellers these days. I did way too much research before purchasing this system. I firmly believe I reached full on ‘paralysis by analysis’ for about 2 months wherein I knew this was the right system - but I struggled with not being able to actually touch it. Went with my gut and pulled the trigger. The hoop itself just oozes with awesome. I have had multiple people stop and ask me about it (I thought the other reviews that said this must have been lying – not so!). My wife does not mind the look in front of the house…which means a lot. The quality of the system is remarkable – trust me I’ve looked at them all (aforementioned paralysis). I am able to literally do pull ups on the front of the rim. The response from the backboard is gym quality and the adjustment is so simple and effortless. Lastly, the little things are also full of quality. The ‘free’ ball is really nice – It’s not some all rubber $5 waste of time. The included net is thick and cradles the swish just right without holding the ball too long. The mini-pump does the job surprisingly well. Lastly I exchanged emails and chat sessions with Ryan during my research and after purchase and not only does that dude know his product but he’s also just a good guy – easy to talk to. The build quality of the product and professionalism of the company are both top notch!
Review Call these guys!
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Wow, those guys are great. The timing of the setup was painless and they were very accommodating to our busy schedule. They even stocked the U bolt so they poured concrete and set the base before the system even arrived at my house. This cut days off the wait time. The guys that came out to do the installation were great. Perfectionists. At one point the hooped looked level to me but they were not satisfied until every bubble on their levels was perfectly between the lines. They were kind to my children and respectful of my wife. You could not ask for a better experience from a contractor doing work at your home. I would recommend Universal Service Center in a heartbeat
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