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Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball in Gunlock, Utah

Larry and his team assembled and installed their court and two Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball Systems in Gunlock, Utah. Larry has a couple pictures of their step-by-step construction. The dimensions of the court are 45' x 50'. These kids were having so much fun with assembling the hoop!

The installation of two Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball Systems on each end of the court is finished!

There is their backyard before they begin construction.

During construction, they level the ground for the concrete slab installation.

The construction workers are smoothing the concrete slab to dry.

The concrete slab court is almost dried!

There are construction workers drilling a hole on the court for the system installation.

The construction workers are tightening the post to the ground.

At the bottom you can see Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System parts.

Young men are assembling the system.

The construction is almost done.

Young men are installing the basket to the backboard.

There is a young boy painting lines on the court.

In the background you can see the mountain.

There is the hoop.

There's the backboard's shadow on the wall.

Ain't it awesome?

They just finished painting the court.

A man looks after a young boy painting the court.

Almost done with striping the concrete slab court.

Finally this is the end result!
More information about Larry's Photos
Court Width 45 Feet
Court Depth 50 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date September 2011
Customer Larry S
Location Gunlock, UT
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