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Wooded asphalt driveway court

The Pro Dunk Platinum blends in well with this naturally wooded asphalt driveway basketball court. The glass regulation sized backboard does not look obtrusive as you can see the sun, sky and trees through it while the black pole and extension arm seems to fade into the background. This is a great example of how you can bring the gym home without detracting from your home and surroundings.

Great wide angle shot of the Lyon's basketball court/driveway.

The installation of the concrete pier is spot on. You want the concrete to be even with the asphalt if at all possible.

A great shot of this court to demonstrate the Pro dunk Platinum's overhang which is four feet from the front of the pole to the front of the backboard.

The sun breaks through the foliage brightening a secluded driveway basketball court nestled between a stone retaining wall and sharp white fence.

The East morning sun lights the court inviting players for an early free-throw practice session.

The morning sun filters through the trees and reflects off the backboard of the Pro Dunk Platinum basketball system.

Pro Dunk Platinum basketball system flanked by quaint looking stone retaining wall and naturally wooded area.

This is a great photo as everything fades into the natural woods behind the basketball goal except the backboard striping, rim and net.
More information about Lyon's Photos
Court Width 30 Feet
Court Depth 45 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date April 2013
Customer Lyon J
Location Wayne, NJ
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Asphalt Concrete Blacktop
Some great photos of what can be done using blacktop (a.k.a. asphalt concrete or pavement) existing and new.
Photos of basketball goals utilizing the driveway as a great playing area.
Retaining Wall
Get basketball court design ideas that include retention walls by browsing these great photos.
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