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You can really get a feel for what 60 feet feels like with this photo.

You can really get a feel for what 60 feet feels like with this photo.

It's big and that's great. This is a ton of hardscape with just one of the purposes being basketball. Any institution thinking about adding hardscape to their property should definitely take a look at this album.

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Sharp looking blue multi-sport court
Martin's blue multi sport court looks really sharp complete with ball containment fencing and top-notch lighting.
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Concrete Slab
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Full Court
Beautiful full basketball court photos including home and institional courts.
Great photos of institutions such as parks, playgrounds, schools, churches and neighborhood recreation centers that have added basketball as an activity.
Photos of lighting solutions our customers installed on their basketball court to extend play time.
Basketball courts that have the key, three-point line and and other lines striped.
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Great photos for design ideas of combo courts including basketball and tennis.
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