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Pro Dunk Silver neighborhood

This Mansfield, Ohio neighborhood looks beautiful with its scenery and a wide open b-ball playing area. And Philip, in answer to your letter regarding this hoop you love so much, "You are welcome."

When these trees become Christmas trees in the snow, we want to see a pic of y'all playin' hoop.

Best way to line the side of a concrete slab is with a Pro Dunk.

Ah, I know you own the place...but, could ya just move the car?
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Court Width 33 Feet
Court Depth 25 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System
Order Date October 2011
Customer Philip C
Location Mansfield, OH
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Concrete Slab
Great photos of dedicated concrete pads as basketball courts including fancy surfaced courts, barebones courts and everything in-between.
Photos of basketball goals utilizing the driveway as a great playing area.
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