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This 36 wide by 30 feet deep court is nestled efficiently in the corner of Rich's backyard.

This 36 wide by 30 feet deep court is nestled efficiently in the corner of Rich's backyard.

The size is great allowing for a good amount of the three-point line. with a 30 foot depth, Rich will have approximately six to seven feet to step behind the three point line at the top of the key. The Pro Dunk Gold's four foot extension arm comes in handy as the pole is installed behind the retention wall. The long extension allows players to run in hard for layups and box out for rebounds without worrying about running into the wall. With such a good width at 36 feet, I might recommend moving up to the Pro Dunk Platinum which has a larger backboard ... 12" wider and 6" taller. Rich would have been able to take full advantage of the wider board getting more bank shots in from the wings.

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Backyard basketball court with retaining wall
This backyard court looks great maximizing the area's space by cutting into hill and using a retaining wall.
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