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Pro Dunk Diamond masterpiece in NC

Tim has designed a Millers Creek, NC Pro Dunk backyard masterpiece half court. The yard is amazing and the hoop fun adds to it.

Backyard hoop adjusted low.

This Pro Dunk playing area accommodates all sizes.

Nice having a basketball playing area in the backyard.

There is nothing like the trees in your backyard to keep the ball in the play area.

Hey! You watching me?
More information about Tim's Photos
Court Width 50 Feet
Court Depth 35 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Diamond Basketball System
Order Date December 2012
Customer Tim W
Location Millers Creek, NC
Review Best on Market
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
This goal is very solid as advertised. No complaints. Looks great in my yard.
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