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Pro Dunk Silver Basketball in Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Timothy, owner of his Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System, newly installed his system last March 2013. The playing area is 38 feet wide and 31 feet deep on court in front of his residence in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

There is the aerial view of the playing area.

There is his newly installed system.

The owner is very pleased with easy installation.

There is the aerial view of the playing area.
More information about Timothy's Photos
Court Width 38 Feet
Court Depth 31 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System
Order Date March 2013
Customer Timothy C
Location Upper Sandusky, OH
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A unique perspective on these basketball courts. The view from above helps visualize the playing area almost like a diagram. Often these photos are taken from a balcony, elevated porch or the second story of the customer's home.
Concrete Slab
Great photos of dedicated concrete pads as basketball courts including fancy surfaced courts, barebones courts and everything in-between.
Front Yard
Basketball playing areas in our customer's front yards including mostly driveway applications.
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