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Hercules Diamond Basketball in Newark, Delaware

Toula purchased a Hercules Diamond Basketball System for her family and they love the goal. She had local professional installers visit her Newark, Delaware residence to install their goal on the side of their large asphalt concrete driveway in their front yard. The dimensions of the playing area are 47 feet wide and 50 feet deep. It is large enough for a 5 on 5 game.

There is an aerial shot of the children playing 2 on 2 game.

The children are having so much fun with a 2 on 2 game using their Hercules Diamond Basketball System.

Their asphalt concrete driveway is very big enough room for a 5 on 5 game.

There is another aerial shot of the playing area, the goal is nicely installed next to the asphalt concrete driveway.
More information about Toula's Photos
Court Width 47 Feet
Court Depth 50 Feet
Product Hercules Diamond Basketball System
Order Date August 2011
Customer Toula L
Location Newark, DE
Review Do your homeowrk and pre-plan or else...
4 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
The system is solid and the 5' clearance is great. The extra foot really helps keep the ball from hitting on the driveway edge and boucing away after a made shot. However, do your homework and make sure that you get an installer than knows how to put this up. I picked an installer right off of the ProDunk website, and he did not know what he was doing. He cut the base screws so short that the system was barely held up. I emailed ProDunk pictures of the install and they called back within 3 minutes and warned me to stay away and not use the system as it was a very unsafe situation. I explained to them that I found the installer on their website, however they refused to help pay for the fix, which required a deinstall, jackhammering of the concrete, repour of concrete and reinstall (by a new installer, of course) - to the tune of $1200. I was pleased with ProDunk support, but felt that they should have helped with cost as the installer was listed on their website (note there is a discalimer on the website re:installation). Bottom line - make sure that you research very well and pre-plan the installation, and go see other work by an installer before you purchase this type of high end unit.
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